Proceedings of ICEC28-ICMC 2022 have been published

The Proceedings of the 28th International Cryogenic Engineering Conference and International Cryogenic Materials Conference 2022 (ICEC28-ICMC 2022) have been jointly published by Zhejiang University Press and Springer on 7 October 2023. The Proceedings were edited by Prof. Limin Qiu, Dr. Kai Wang, and Prof. Yanwei Ma, and are indexed by both the Scopus and Compendex databases.

The ICEC-ICMC series conference is one of the largest and most influential international conferences in the cryogenics field, held every two years. In April of 2022, during the COVID-19 pandemic period, the ICEC28-ICMC 2022 was held by Zhejiang University as an immersive virtual conference, which attracted more than 300 attendees from nearly 20 countries. A total of one short course, five plenary talks, 20 oral sessions and 22 poster sessions were arranged during the conference. 229 papers in total were presented, including 114 oral and 115 poster presentations. Among them, a total number of 148 papers were finally published in the proceedings after peer review. The topics covered a wide range of focuses in cryogenic engineering and materials, e.g., large-scale refrigeration and liquefaction, cryogenic heat transfer, cryocoolers, cryogenics for superconductors, cryogenic materials, etc.

Looking back on the ICEC28-ICMC 2022, without the firm confidence and joint efforts of the global colleagues in the cryogenic fields, it would not be possible to hold such a large international conference and subsequently publish the proceedings via the influential publishers during the difficult pandemic period.

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